I’m going to croatia for a week so I’m not going to be active on here :)



———-PORTRAIT GIVEAWAY————————————————————-

Hi lovely people!

I want to do something special for you guys :)

I’ll draw a portrait like the one above, of yourself, your best friend, your pet or your tumblr crush, anything you want. 
The only thing you need to do is reblog this post. At the end I will randomly pick 5 people who will get a small portrait

I will only do this if it gets more than 30 notes


  • Only reblogs count
  • You can enter multiple times
  • Your ask has to be open
  • Ends on the 7th of August
  • You don’t have to follow me, but it would be nice
  • There will be 5 winners chosen randomly

good luck to everyone :)

———-PORTRAIT GIVEAWAY————————————